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Mad about Harry Potter!

Actress Nivedita Tiwari spreads the Harry Potter bug on Bhagonwali sets
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Mad about Harry Potter!
Actress Nivedita Tiwari was recently spotted jumping up and down with glee much to the astonishment of the crew on the sets of her show Bhagonwali! It seems that the director gifted her tickets to watch the newly released Harry Potter flick with her co-stars. Nivedita had apparently been spending a lot of time between the shots reading the popular J K Rowling fantasy novels. Given the slightest chance, she would launch into detailed descriptions of each character and narratives, so much so that some of her fellow actors too got excited about the film and began requesting the director for some time off from the shoot so they could go and watch the movie in a local theatre.

"I love reading! No matter what the kind of book, if it falls into my hands, I just HAVE to read it!" says Nivedita with a laugh. "Harry Potter just happens to be a long time favourite. I have read each of the books within days of their release and the same is the case with the films as well. This has been a one off case where I haven't been able to catch the film within the first week of its release. As every avid lover of the books will agree with me, films don't usually do justice to the books, but the one scene in the movie where Snape's past is revealed to Harry through the pensieve, really gave me goosebumps!! It was so touching. Now that I have watched the film, I can finally give my director some peace!"

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